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Himalayan Natural Shape Salt lamps

Natural Salt lamps

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Himalayan Natural Shape Salt lamps

All natural lamps are categorized on the bases of the weight they carry. Each lamp is carefully crafted by hand to retain the beautiful, natural shape of the rock. All Salt lamps are fitted with a wooden or onyx marble base. Naturally all of our handicrafts are individually unique and not every lamp are same, in style, color, design, shape and the size may also vary from pictures and general provided measurements. All measurements and weights are approximate and could vary from the original we supply. It also depends upon the output of the mine. As every lamp is different from the other lamp, but mostly the color shade of the lamps are same. As every lamp is hand picked and carved by the experience craftsmen.

Product Name Model No. Avg.
Weight Kg
Natural Salt Lamps 2-3kg Asc-01 2.35
Natural Salt Lamps 3-5kg Asc-02 4.25
Natural Salt Lamps 5-7kg Asc-03 6.25
Natural Salt Lamps 7-10kg Asc-04 8.35
Natural Salt Lamps 10-14kg Asc-05 12.5
Natural Salt Lamps 14-18kg Asc-06 16
Natural Salt Lamps 18-25kg Asc-07 23.5
Natural Salt Lamps 25-30kg Asc-08 27.5
Natural Salt Lamps 30-40kg Asc-09 36
Natural Salt Lamps 40-50kg Asc-10 45
Natural Salt Lamps 50-60kg Asc-11 55
Natural Salt Lamps 60-80kg Asc-12 73
Natural Salt Lamps 80-110kg Asc-13 95

Beautiful glowing colors.This is the beauty of Natural salt lamps that every one is unique in its shape and style. We can’t place a picture of every lamp on website; the photographs represent the quality and color of the lamps we supply. The pictures and sizes mentioned here are some common and regular sizes.

  • Professionally carved.
  • Certified electrical fittings
  • Timely Delivery
  • Competitive prices

We have ability to provide any size of big rock in their nature shape ranging from 0.5kg – 500kg of Rocks. For more information on the products and for full catalog with their pricing feel free to contact us.


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