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We are producing Selected Quality of Himalaya Rock Salt lamps, Salt Tea Light Holders, Salt Tiles, Edible Salt, Bath Salts and Animal Licking Salt & many more items in different shapes and sizes. Please browse through our Variety of Shapes & designs to choose for your needs.
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Salt Lamps
We are The Anaya Salt Crafts leading Manufacturer and Exporters of different salt crafts made out of pure natural Rock salts. Salt rocks are mined out from the salt mines deep beneath the earth in the form of big rock stones and reshaped into beautiful and good looking designs according to the end user requirements. We have complete manufacturing and reshaping facility situated in the city of Jhelum. The Himalayan mountain ranges are in the region of Jhelum.
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Here you will find some of our Most sellers Products. We have expertise in these item.
Himalayan Edible Salt /Gourmet Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is a natures gift preserved for more than 350 million years back in the remote Himalayan Mountains. It containers more than 90 minerals and elements in ion forms in the perfect balance a human body needs. Himalayan Crystals Salt is free of any harmful effects. Scientifically it has been proved that Himalayan Crystal Salt is not normal table salt.

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Himalayan Edible Salt

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Anaya Salt Crafts